Verifiable CPD training courses

We offer training seminars across the UK, drawing on the experience and skills of leading dental professionals. Click 'Learn More' below for more information about each course.


Splint Therapy & Occlusion Seminars

Presented by Dr Barry Glassman

Dr Glassman in an internally recognised authority on bruxism, migraine and related issues. His hard-hitting and inspirational talks have been a hit with dental audiences around the world. 


Parafunctional Control, Migraines, Chronic Pain & Restorative Protocol

Presented by Dr Pav Khaira

Dr Pav Khaira is one of the most enthusiastic speakers on the subject of pain management. Delivering a course that is suitable for every dental practitioner, this course includes practical demonstrations.

Snoring & sleep apnoea - a role for the GDP

Presented by Professor Ama Johal

Professor Ama Johal has trained over 2000 GDP's and is one of the leading clinicians in the UK on the use of mandibular splints and snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. 


Smilelign essentials: Everything you need to know

Presented by Dr Milad Shadrooh

Dr Milad Shadrooh often features in the media offering his insights and guidance to the public on dental health matters. He also specialises in facial aesthetics and orthodontics.