Splint Therapy and Occlusion Seminars - Dr Barry Glassman


S4S are delighted to welcome Dr Barry Glassman back to the UK for the sixth year running. Dr Glassmans Seminars sponsored by S4S have attracted around 500 GDPs in the previous five years. 

Dr Glassman is an internationally recognised authority on Bruxism, Migraine and related issues who made a big splash on his previous UK visits. His hard-hitting and inspirational talks have been a hit with dental audiences around the world, meaning there is constant demand for him to speak at conferences.


Day 1 - Myth Busting Occlusion for the General Dentist

Presented by Dr Barry Glassman

London - 13th July 2017

Following the success of Dr Glassman’s visits to the UK for the previous 6 years, this full day presentation has been redesigned to suit every Dentist. “A honest evidenced based approach to that helps us protect our patients from the forces that can destroy them and the dentistry we provide. This course simplifies occlusion and allows us to produce more and better dentistry consistently and without unnecessary fear of unstable joints."

Dr Glassman will cover topics like why veneers break; why crowns fracture; what high restorations cause pain; and how to deal with all of these situations. In addition, we will be teaching the basic principles of occlusion and WHY they matter. And how these principles can be readily incorporated in your treatment plans. "Many are taught that the dental complex STARTS with the joint, and without accurate diagnosis of the joint restorative treatment is bound to fail. There is great concern about degenerative disease of the joints effecting your restorative efforts. The concern is over stated, and truth will be taught in detail.”

The seminar covers:

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  • Occlusion - when it matters and when it doesn’t!
  • Design of occlusal splints
  • Non compliance of splints and how to avoid that problem
  • Why restorations fail time after time
  • The myths of dentistry that never really made any sense!
  • Joint position when contemplating major dentistry – you’ll be surprised!

Day 2 - Hands On Practical Session 

Presented by Dr Barry Glassman

London - 14th July 2017

During this session which is strictly limited to 30 fully participating delegates, Dr Glassman will pass on vital practical advice from his many years of experience in the construction, fitting and adjustment of occlusal splints. He will present a live SCi construction masterclass and each delegate will have the opportunity to make and be fitted with a SCi splint.

It is highly recommended that you attend at least one of Dr Glassmans sessions on the previous days, attended last years seminars or have watched Dr Glassmans DVD.

Learning Objectives:

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  • Patient selection
  • Arch selection
  • Splint design selection
  • Improve your SCi (NTI-tss) construction technique
  • How to monitor and adjust splints for optimum efficacy

Traumatic Occlusion and Bruxism - NTI-tss Therapeutic Protocol

Presented by Dr Barry Glassman

DVD Training Pack (6 hrs Verifiable CPD) £195.00 inc VAT & delivery

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The seminar was professionally filmed and is now available as a DVD training pack complete with course notes. The 2011 Bruxism Awareness Week Lecture by Dr Glassman on 24 October was very well received by an audience of 100 dentists at the Royal College of Physicians in London. This DVD based verifiable CPD training option, capturing Dr Glassman's passion for the subject will give you the opportunity to enjoy and learn from one of the world's leading experts in dental sleep medicine.