Parafunctional Control, Migraines, Chronic Pain & Restorative Protocol

Dr Pav Khaira is one of the most enthusiastic speakers on the subject of pain management. Pav delivers a course that will be beneficial to every Dental Practicioner.

Presented by Dr Pav Khaira Following the tremendous success of previous years seminars presented by Dr Khaira and in response to feedback we have extended the seminar to a full day event.

The seminar now includes a practical demonstration on fitting SCi splints and extended content.

The seminar content is relevant for any GDP in practice, furthermore anyone wanting to get involved in treating patients with Bruxism, Headaches, Migraines and worn dentitions.

The course is 6 hours of verifiable CPD Event time: 9.30am - 5pm at all venues

The course covers: 

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  • Parafunction & Bruxism
  • Occlusion - when it matters and when it doesn't
  • Examination & muscle palpation Practical anatomy and physiology
  • Pain management for Migraine & headaches with SCi (NTI-tss)
  • Course now features a live fitting demonstration of the SCi appliance.

Please note - Saturday the 10th in Wakefield needs to be booked through the Academy of Clinical Excellence.