Resources: Splint Therapy & Occlusion 

Thank you for joining us at last weeks seminar. Please find all the relevant material that Dr Glassman mentioned during his sessions and a few more that may come in handy. Beforehand, a quick note from Dr Glassman himself.

"Hello all, I want to write and express my thanks for your interest and your attention levels at our recent course at London’s BDA.  

As I had stated, hopefully very clearly, our subject matter really requires open minds and a willingness to evaluate information that we have accepted as “facts” in dentistry for years.  I totally appreciate how difficult this can be — I know how difficult it was for me. That being said, I was really impressed with the degree of interest demonstrated not only by the attention given to the subject matter but the great questions and shared learning experience we had. 

Learning with an open mind is only helpful if it is implemented in your daily practice. Hopefully you will think differently about “occlusion” than you did prior to the course, and the word “WHEN” will be part of your thought process.

Neil, Matt, and I are already talking about our next dates, and it MAY be sooner than a year! Please consider coming back to our next session to bring the questions that come up between now and then so that we can all learn from them. Also, do not hesitate to document any of the cases you use SCI’s for, and consider presenting one or two of them at our next meeting. These do NOT have to be dramatic cases; that’s not the point. The appliance design we are teaching is so powerful that it can be helpful in the simplest of cases — but it often reveals altered quality of life issues the patient themselves weren’t even aware of until the symptoms are resolved!

Thanks again for attending, and I hope to see you my next trip there.  Watch for the details which should be released soon.

Hope all is well, Bar"

Should you have any questions, please do get in touch with us, either by email as below or by calling 0114 250 0176. You can also see the other seminars that we host here.


Neil Bullement

Commercial Director


Matt Everatt

Technical Director