Resources: Parafunctional Control, Migraines, Chronic Pain and Restorative Protocol 

Thank you for joining us at last week's seminar. We hope you enjoyed your time and found the session useful.

Please see the two SCi fitting videos that were referenced in the session, along with a link to a number of other resources that may be of interest.

Custom screens for Exact (SOE) come with a small charge - Dr Khaira has spent much time programming and has multiple available. The custom screens include:

  • Aesthetic assessment (including TMJ/muscles as shown in the seminar)
  • Implant site assesment
  • Implant risk assessment
  • Full arch implant assessment
  • Implant recall (PES/WES)
  • Endo risk assessment
  • Ortho assessment 
  • Impacted wisdom tooth risk assessment
  • Anxiety assessment (MDAS) and indicator of sedation need

Custom screens are priced at £95 each or £395 for the complete collection. The files import to SOE and are easy to install. Should assistance be required, you may need to call support. Older versions of SOE may not recognise the files. Permission is NOT given to share with others or between practices.

For any queries regarding the SOE, email Dr Khaira directly on this matter. 

Dr Khaira also mentioned his bio-optimisation course that is being held a the Academy of Clinical Excellence in Wakefield on the 6th of May. For more information on this please see here.

Should you have any questions, please do get in touch with us, either by email as below or by calling 0114 250 0176. If you are interested in seeing what other seminars we sponsor, please see here.

Neil Bullement

Commercial Director


Matt Everatt

Technical Director