Oral Cancer - Train Your Team to Save Lives!

Presented by: Nicki RowlandDirector of Practices Made Perfect.

When: Wednesday 11th July 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Your dental team need to know ‘why’ it is important to implement oral cancer screening in primary care and ‘what’ to do to educate patients and the public. This course also gives you the ‘how’. Engage the whole team in the management of oral cancer and meet GDC and CQC requirements at the same time. This course provides 3 hours GDC core verifiable CPD.

Topics covered:

  • Raise awareness of the escalation of oral cancer and why we are seeing the trend
  • Explore predisposing factors and the emergence of the Human Papilloma Virus
  • Implement a ‘triage’ system on reception
  • Advise and reinforce a 50:50 intra to extra-oral screening process in surgery
  • Explore the importance of a robust referral system
  • Educate each team member as to their role and responsibilities within the screening system
  • Assist clinicians and the management team to meet their professional responsibilities to implement oral cancer screening
  • Improve communication between the dental team and patients when discussing oral cancer
  • Look at how this course meets CQC Fundamental Standards


Oral Cancer - Train Your Team to Save Lives!
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