Whitening & bleaching


Which tray design should I chose?

There is always debate when discussing tooth whitening/bleaching. Tray design is very varied, below is a brief description of just a few available.


Night time or daytime, carbamide or hydrogen peroxide?

There is much confusion as to the ideal time period for tray wear, the efficacy of night time over daytime use and the use of carbamide over hydrogen peroxide.

Carbamide has a slower break down than hydrogen peroxide, so with reduced saliva flow while asleep, many suggest that night time tray wear is more efficient.

Others, however, have also pointed out that many gels become inactive after 2 hours (saliva contamination) and therefore daytime bleaching with hydrogen peroxide over a 1 hour period maybe preferred. 


Bleaching tray design

The design of the bleaching trays and the solubility, viscosity and composition of the gel are paramount in determining the length of time the gel remains active.


Reservoirs or not?

Various studies have shown that reservoirs make no difference to results in conventional trays. If you scallop a tray then generally reservoirs are needed. Scalloping is only needed with higher concentration of peroxide or patients/dentists concerns for tissue contact.